Augmented Reality

Welcome to Caledonian Sleeper Augmented Reality [AR]


If you’ve been given one of our AR enabled business cards or flyers* (which will feature a black bar across the back with the URL that lead you to this page), you can now unlock some of our AR enabled content by downloading the Caledonian Sleeper AR app.

*If you don’t already have a business card or flyer with a trigger image, not to worry. Download the app and you’ll see that the bottom left corner of your screen offers you the option to download the trackers you need to use the app, and print them out on your home or office printer.

What is Caledonian Sleeper AR?

The Caledonian Sleeper AR app transforms your business card into a 3D interactive experience, allowing you to see our new trains ahead of their launch in 2019.

Download  now:

If you do not have a business card you can print the photos below to use the app.